If I know, you know

In this excerpt of a Sentinel Watch podcast, adapted for print, Jenny Sawyer talks with Beth Packer, a Christian Science practitioner from Berry, New South Wales, Australia. To hear the podcast, visit sentinel.christianscience.com/youknow  

Jenny Sawyer: We’re going to be talking about oneness. And how understanding more about it can lead to more effective healing. Our guest today is here to tell us more, starting with an experience she had that helped her get a clearer grasp of what oneness really means. 

Beth Packer: Some friends and I were visiting a friend of ours who lives on the beautiful south coast of Australia, in the mountains on a goat farm. Over an evening—since it was spring—the baby goats were born in the paddocks. It was our job to go out and find the babies and the mothers and bring them into the barn so that they were safe and warm overnight. 

As we were doing this, we found all the mothers, and we found all the babies except one. Search as we could, we just could not find this darling little creature anywhere. It was getting dark and it was getting cold, so it was wise for us to go inside. But the thought of leaving this dear little thing out in the forest or the paddocks, unfound and by itself, just didn’t sit well with me. 

So just as the sun was dimming, I thought, “I don’t know where this little one is, but God knows.” I just turned straight to God, wholeheartedly to God. God knew where it was. And I knew that. Immediately, the response in my thought was, “If I know, you know.” I knew that was God. It wasn’t my thought. It was my at-one-ment with the divine Mind—the divine consciousness. 

Without even changing where I was looking, I saw the baby goat in front of me. We took it in and it was safe. 

That message, “If I know, you know,” has resonated with me from that time on. Because it wasn’t like God was telling me something and I was going off and obeying or doing it. It wasn’t that at all. It was that I was utterly at one with God. I was conscious of what God was conscious of. Father-Mother God had never lost sight of His dear little ones—not one of them. 

This taught me to recognize God’s voice in my thinking. It carried with it such a weight of oneness, of this tender relationship, this tender unity, with God, probably more than I’ve ever felt at any other time. It was precious to me. 

Follow this link to read or listen to this conversation with Beth Packer, where she also shares more fully her understanding of what God is; speaks about a new view of the love that was shown to her by her husband; and, shares the change of thought that brought her healing of what appeared to be sciatica.