Freedom from shame

“Today, I feel like an unblemished rosebud! Thanks to an understanding, through my study of Christian Science, of what I really am, I see the “real me”—my spiritual, totally innocent nature as a child of God. This “me” or identity can never be touched or marred by any human circumstance, as I discovered years ago. … More Freedom from shame

Easter Certainty

PETER J. HENNIKER HEATON From the April 1949 issue of The Christian Science Journal Christ Jesus rose from the tomb. This is no empty story,remote and far away.In an actual year on a certain dayJesus rose from the tomb and spoke in a garden with Mary. Then he showed himself againto Peter and James and John,seafaring sane young men,not … More Easter Certainty

If I know, you know

In this excerpt of a Sentinel Watch podcast, adapted for print, Jenny Sawyer talks with Beth Packer, a Christian Science practitioner from Berry, New South Wales, Australia. To hear the podcast, visit   Jenny Sawyer: We’re going to be talking about oneness. And how understanding more about it can lead to more effective healing. Our guest … More If I know, you know

From annual resolutions to daily resolve

Each New Year, people express their determination to drop unhelpful habits. While it generally proves easier to state the intent than to keep the resolution, the tradition points to both a widespread yearning to better ourselves and the conviction that it’s possible. I share that conviction. But over many years, I’ve found that betterment comes … More From annual resolutions to daily resolve

Thanksgiving acknowledges God’s care for us. Your invitation . . .

This month is a time of Thanksgiving in many parts of the world, and for Christian Scientists, too. And we study a Bible Lesson on this subject. In the Bible Lesson this November, there are readings about how perfectly God has made us, how much God loves us, his care for us, and the gratitude … More Thanksgiving acknowledges God’s care for us. Your invitation . . .

The practicality of God’s supply

“The human economy with its law of demand and supply—its fluctuating stock market figures, inflation, and interest rates—may not be readily understood by all of us. Yet, its impact is seen in the rising cost of food, soaring petrol prices, unaffordable homes, pricey child-care, unsustainable inflation, and predictions of looming recession. This is felt in very … More The practicality of God’s supply