A Healing Response to COVID Fears

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View a talk for people new to Christian Science and delivered in December 2021 . . . Never Alone: How Spiritual Ideas Work in Us. Lecturer, Melanie Wahlberg, CS, tells how ideas from God, rooted in the spirituality that makes up our true nature, stir something new in our consciousness. They uplift our outlook — sometimes before we even realize — in ways that change our lives and our health for the better.

During the lecture, she refers to God as divine Love or Mind, rather than as a superhuman figure making arbitrary decisions about our lives. This divine Mind is the infinite, loving source of all good, timeless ideas. God’s thoughts remind us of our spiritual identity, show us our potential, and enable us to heal and to be healed.

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Click on the link above to join us on the Talks That Change Lives Queensland website for free lectures about Christian Science. Discover new perspectives that help you to face down fears and find better health, a greater peace of mind, freedom of thought and action, and healing solutions.

Delivered by experienced practitioners of Christian Science healing from around the world.

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During late April / May 2019 there were several opportunities to hear a free public talk about Christian Science crafted specifically for the newcomer. Michelle Nanouche, a practitioner, teacher and lecturer on Christian Science with over 30 years professional healing experience, shared insights from personal experience. You can review the lectures she gave in Australia – Angry No More, Finding God, Finding Health and Christian Science: What it is and how it heals –  on her blog. If you’d like to talk to a local Christian Scientist about the lectures you can call at or phone the Reading Room during opening hours or Kay Stroud on 0400 49 44 06 at other times.

Public Lectures

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Every year, we offer at least one public talk about Christian Science and spiritual healing for our community. Our next public lecture will be on Sunday 5 December 2021, but you can see and hear inspirational talks on consciousness, prayer and spiritual healing by speakers from the international Christian Science Board of Lectureship at any time by following this link: LECTURES ONLINE.




Daily Lift

You can also listen and subscribe to free 3-minute daily inspirational “take-aways” by clicking on this title.


Interfaith / Ecumenical Participation

Church members are involved in interfaith and ecumenical activities in this region, in Brisbane and nationally. We’d love to hear of other opportunities to share in this way.