If I know, you know

In this excerpt of a Sentinel Watch podcast, adapted for print, Jenny Sawyer talks with Beth Packer, a Christian Science practitioner from Berry, New South Wales, Australia. To hear the podcast, visit sentinel.christianscience.com/youknow   Jenny Sawyer: We’re going to be talking about oneness. And how understanding more about it can lead to more effective healing. Our guest … More If I know, you know

The Christ brings peace and physical healing at Christmas

Read below an account by a woman about a physical healing that she experienced last Christmas holidays. She explains how it came about through her growing understanding of God as divine Life, Truth and Love, and her relationship to Him as His perfect likeness. “Last December, as I hung up the telephone from my last … More The Christ brings peace and physical healing at Christmas

A cycle of illness ends

Joan Atkinson relates in a recent testimony: “Some years ago, during supper one evening I began feeling very dizzy. I soon became nauseous as well and had to lie down. I was unable to pray effectively for myself, so I called a Christian Science practitioner, which eased my fear. Still, the condition lasted two full … More A cycle of illness ends