Your Prayer Supports Those Affected by Floods

In our local area of the Sunshine Coast and around south-east Queensland and down the coast of NSW, people are dealing with the effects of severe weather events and flooding. Our hearts really do go out to those cleaning up, and particularly to so many who have had to deal with the cleanup many times before. While we may be led to volunteer for the ‘mud army’ or other cleanup initiatives or to give a donation, there’s something else that each of us can do to help. Our prayers can actually support them.

Have you been wondering how to pray?

Two articles were written back in 2011 after the last major floods in south-east Queensland, that can help us with ideas about how to pray. It is written by Australian Christian Science practitioner and teacher, Beverly Goldsmith, CSB.

Below are some excerpts:

“Prayer needs to insist that those who have been, and still are, in the flood-path, are not only being protected by God but are being sustained by His strength and might. Their well-being remains in His powerful care.

God is speaking to His people, giving them solutions that will ensure their safety. Every person can heed the leadings of divine Mind and stay secure.

Every time we think of people trying to recover from these floods, let’s take a moment to affirm that God’s love and care is always present. It’s never washed away. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear, . . . though the waters thereof roar and be troubled” (Ps. 46:1–3). 

Over and above flood destruction is God’s promise of restoration and renewal. That’s why prayer that confidently affirms the tender presence and power of God brings comfort, courage, and strength to those in need. It prompts the outpouring of help. It leads to individually right solutions. It stimulates those in authority to find inspired ways to mitigate future flooding and take greater preventative action. It also renews business activity and brings about fresh employment opportunities. 

God’s goodness is always present. It’s not halted by disaster, or fear of loss and lack. . . Whatever is needed, it’s there in abundance. The divine Father ensures that each one’s needs will be met in exactly the right way. 

Prayer, affirming God’s tender love and all-encompassing care for flood victims, will support those who have been affected.”

You can read a personal account how Beverly prayed for a friend during a flood, and the entire two articles in the Christian Science Sentinel, as follows:

Prayer for Australia’s floods needed, Beverly Goldsmith, January 12, 2011

Australian flood: not too late to pray, Beverly Goldsmith, February 7, 2011