Emerging from negative expectations

“Cynicism and despondency can seem the order of the day,” opens this week’s featured piece on countering the negative expectancy that has infiltrated so many hearts today. But those bleak states of mind are not where the author finishes his article. A spiritual, God-centric perspective can reverse a downward mental spiral, and this piece illustrates the practical impact of such a reversal of what are ultimately, given the nature of God as ever-present and all-powerful Love, false expectations. With every glimmer of God’s love, anticipating good rather than evil becomes more natural to us, because expecting and experiencing good are native to what we truly are as God’s precious children.

“I worked at a large bank selling financial securities. Although I labored diligently, my performance was very poor, and the rest of the group was not faring much better. Morale sank very low, and it was easy to come in day after day with a poor attitude….” How did he turn it around?  Read this article in the Christian Science Sentinel.