The practicality of God’s supply

“The human economy with its law of demand and supply—its fluctuating stock market figures, inflation, and interest rates—may not be readily understood by all of us. Yet, its impact is seen in the rising cost of food, soaring petrol prices, unaffordable homes, pricey child-care, unsustainable inflation, and predictions of looming recession. This is felt in very … More The practicality of God’s supply

Rent is due? As a single parent, should I panic or acknowledge God can help?

“My monthly rent was due in five days’ time, but I had only $23 left in the bank,” writes Diane Williamson. She shares with us via the Christian Science Sentinel her experience and some helpful ideas that her study of Christian Science provided, and that brought a resolution to her financial difficulties. “Years ago, soon … More Rent is due? As a single parent, should I panic or acknowledge God can help?

Never-ending supply

“I was loading dishes into the dishwasher one night, thinking, “If only I didn’t have to spend money on the babysitter’s food, I could make some headway on my debt.” I know that sounds kind of crazy. Really, how much money could I have saved? But that’s how pinched I felt at the time. Right … More Never-ending supply

Financial Needs Met

Read in the Christian Science Sentinel how this couple put lack and insufficiency behind them through a better understanding of God and His/Her care… My husband and I struggled financially the first few years of our marriage. No matter how hard we worked or how many jobs we held, there was just never enough money … More Financial Needs Met