Loving the Unlovable

In answer to the question why God permits evil, the discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, once replied to a student, “He didn’t create evil. It isn’t created!” (she elaborates on this subject in Christian Science versus Pantheism, pp.5-6) She explains that in the spiritual reality, there’s no opposite to good, God, and no … More Loving the Unlovable

Vaccines, immunity, and the pathway to health

Christian Science provides a very different perspective on vaccines, immunity and the pathway to health. Following is an excerpt of the full article written by Curtis Wahlberg and published on 28 January, 2021 in the Christian Science Sentinel: “Stopping COVID-19 is understandably an important focus these days… An end to it means long-awaited relief from … More Vaccines, immunity, and the pathway to health