The Christ brings peace and physical healing at Christmas

Read below an account by a woman about a physical healing that she experienced last Christmas holidays. She explains how it came about through her growing understanding of God as divine Life, Truth and Love, and her relationship to Him as His perfect likeness. “Last December, as I hung up the telephone from my last … More The Christ brings peace and physical healing at Christmas

Wake-up call

Have you ever reached for something in a dream and been unable to grasp it? Have you ever tried to get somewhere in a dream, and no matter how hard you tried, it eluded you? You may have woken up feeling sad, lost, frustrated, or you may even have wanted to go back to sleep to … More Wake-up call

What does love have to do with ending a pandemic?

If we’re feeling there’s little we can do to contribute to healing the world’s ills, it’s worth considering the power of love impelled by God, all-powerful divine Love itself. Eric Nelson shares some insights he’s learned about Love’s healing power. By the time I arrived at my apartment, the only thing I could do was … More What does love have to do with ending a pandemic?

Never-ending supply

“I was loading dishes into the dishwasher one night, thinking, “If only I didn’t have to spend money on the babysitter’s food, I could make some headway on my debt.” I know that sounds kind of crazy. Really, how much money could I have saved? But that’s how pinched I felt at the time. Right … More Never-ending supply


As the world continues this week with headlines dominated by COVID-19, we take a look at how we can think about predictions. Even if they come as dire warnings, as our lead author points out, predictions are not set in stone. And prayer that recognizes divine Love’s all-embracing power can break through individual and collective … More DEFENSE against DISEASE

Back to School Feature: Reliable parenting books

Mary Trammel shares with readers her experience of raising kids in an ecumenical family, and learning to “walk the walk,” not just talk about it. My husband and I entered parenthood knowing almost nothing about raising kids, having grown up basically as “only” children. We did read some parenting books, but their theories often seemed … More Back to School Feature: Reliable parenting books